Zero Worry Parenting – really?!?

My friends over at Zero Worry Parenting are just about to launch the coolest 6 month course in ‘parenting’ that I’ve ever heard of… and the deadline for enrolling is looming soon!

If you’re not on my mailing list (which can be easily accomplished by providing your name and email over in the sidebar —–> :-) then you may be unaware of the fun, free tools we’ve been sharing over the past week or so.

OF course, there’s the wonderful Owners Manual you can grab by clicking on the Zero Worry Parenting banner at the top of my blog.

And here’s another fun tool I want to share. It’s a brief quiz designed to help you find your child’s (or yours!) personality type. Actually you can use it for anyone and you just might be surprised to discover a thing or two that you hadn’t quite considered. And that discovery could help you relate more effectively. You can find that Personality Tool HERE!

And finally…

well, you know what the formula is for activating the Law of Attraction in family life?

Or in anything, for that matter!

It seems it takes three steps:




Simple, huh? Almost too simple?

I thought so too, here’s what it means.

STEP ONE is stop doing what you’re doing, if it isn’t going your way.

Makes sense? Not working => just let it be.

STEP TWO is about taking some specific action to turn things around.

STEP THREE is the easiest,: you simply hand the matter over to the God/Source/Inner Being/whatever you call it… and let Law of Attraction do it’s thing.

No more heavy lifting at that point!

But to get there, you need to know what those turnaround actions in the middle are, right?

That’s why our friends at Zero Worry Parenting have gone and created this:



You can go download it now:

==>40 Parenting Quickies

Forty quick tips you can write down into your phone, on a post-it note in your car, stick on your fridge…

All aiming at turning things around and inviting the Law of Attraction in the door.

Just pick one that ‘calls out to you’ and do it.

You don’t need to even know why, it’s enough that the Universe shows you where to go, and you take action!

Enjoy the free tools… and really, if you’re aware that old rules no longer seem to apply then I strongly encourage you to enroll in the Zero Worry Parenting course IMMEDIATELY… enrollment closes in a couple of days and won’t be open again for months! Take a minute and check it out HERE!

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