What’s for Dinner? Best, Worst and Funniest

I had a delightful dinner experience yesterday. We were celebrating my Granddaughter’s 6th birthday… a very exciting occasion. Yet something her family does every day at dinner time happened. And it was that every day happening that I want to celebrate with you today.

You’ve probably heard that a family sharing dinner together on a regular basis has a LOT of benefits. And that’s certainly true. I know it can be a wonderful routine that allows each family member the chance to re-connect with one another as a whole each day. It certainly seems to be a commitment that my son’s family has made and how they do it makes it even more valuable and meaningful.

When every one has taken their place and filled their plate, they play ‘Best, Worst and Funniest’. As the granddaughter explained, you simply go around the table three times. The first go around is a time for sharing the best thing that happened for you that day. Then another go around sharing the worst thing that happened to you that day. And finally, you go around the table with each person sharing the funniest thing that happened that day.

Simple enough, yes? Yet I have to share that the effects of this simple game are amazing. Because available grandparents were invited over for dinner, there were six of us around the table and in addition to delicious food, I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hear about some of the most meaningful snippets of each persons day. Think about it, how many kids feel totally detached from what Mom and Dad are doing all day? Many, if not most kids, can hardly articulate what their parents do for a living in general, never mind the day to day specifics, yet by being willing to play this game in an authentic, thought-filled way, a family can not only get to know more about what each is dealing with all day, they can even feel included in that segment of their life.

With delight I learned more about each person around that table than I ever knew before… and enjoyed getting a snapshot of each persons day in a way that’s hard to explain. (And the giggles and cake rocked too! Thanks Birthday Girl!!!)

I highly recommend your family incorporate this game into your dinner time too.

Simple game. Big benefits!

play well together,


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