Parenting Problems, Solutions and LOA

The realization that something is not as you want it to be is an important first step, but once you have identified that, the faster you are able to turn your attention in the direction of a solution, the better, because a continuing exploration of the problem will prevent you from finding the solution. The problem is a different vibrational frequency than the solution—and all thoughts (or vibrations) are affected by (or managed by) the Law of Attraction.

— Abraham

Excerpted from the book “Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness” #287

I received the message above in my email box today. Now I realize that’s an excerpt from a book about Money and the Law of Attraction, yet it occurs to me that it certainly applies in all areas of our lives, not just the financial area.

So let’s explore what that means regarding our relationship and expectations of our children. After all… doesn’t it get a bit tiresome to listen to the wise ones simply telling us things like… “Focus on the Solution”? What does that mean?? How does one practically apply that?? What would it ‘look’ like if we did?? After all… if we knew the solution we wouldn’t have a problem, would we?!??

So how about this. What if the idea in “turning your attention toward the solution” is saying thoroughly visualize the problem resolved… see it the way you desire, smell it, touch it, hear it, taste it… FEEL it in every aspect exactly as you desire it… and contine, indefinitely basking in THAT!

childenjoyingcarrideFor example… you have a young child who consistently acts up in the car. As you’re getting ready to go somewhere and you start feeling yourself brace with dread for the usual ordeal… stop and take a breath (of course, you don’t have to literally stop, you can continue gathering the things you want to take with you…) and image the experience being a different one.

Really play with the thought… no matter how many times the thought creeps into your mind, “yeah, not my kid… maybe if I’d given birth to the ‘I love to ride in the car’ kid…” – just acknowledge that thought with “okay, I’ll ponder you later” and continue on with your fantasy. If your child starts resisting or asking you questions feel free to share your thoughts. Tell them you’re just remembering a story about a little girl (or boy) who always LOVED riding in vehicles… any and every kind of vehicle. Start describing the wonderful, delicious adventure that child in your fantasy was experiencing while riding in the car. Include every little detail that you can imagine that would make a trip in the car with a child a great experience for you.

Don’t be surprised if your child joins in on the story telling. Perhaps even adding some contrasting pieces to the story. Pay attention to those aspects too as they may reveal to you some of what causes the resistance in your little one. Either way, I’ll bet your ride will be a different experience for both of you… at least this trip!

My point here is that keeping our attention in the direction of the solution is NOT suggesting we have to struggle to think of solutions to the problem… in other words, maybe it really isn’t our job to SOLVE THE PROBLEM. Instead, telling ourselves a different story, one where the particular problem doesn’t even exist… may just be the juice that lifts our vibration to a different frequency, and… Problem Solved!

Let me know what you think… I love to get your feedback!

Until next time…
Treat one another with respect, nurture one another, and play well together,

~Mary K

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