Allow a Happy 2012 – take it lightly

We’re a full week into the new year and it dawns on me it’s been quite awhile since I’ve come and played with you all at Downstream Parenting. Seems like the perfect time to remind myself… and possibly you… that parenting doesn’t need to be an upstream battle. As long as you relax and remember that you are simply in the midst of an approximately 18 year experiment, being raised by a kid (or kids), and you’ll enjoy it more if you put more emphasis on your sense of humor than anything else.

Here in the Twin Cities there is a LOT of live theater to choose from. One of my favorite Production Companies for family theater is Comedy Suitcase. The following Date Night – is a video created for their recent New Year’s Eve production. Enjoy… and remember… kids really are fun… no matter what!

Coincidentally… this stars a couple of my very favorite girls. I think they’re off to a grand beginning as a mother/daughter team (of course, they are mother and daughter in real life. LOL Hope you like it. I’m very proud of them.)

2 thoughts on “Allow a Happy 2012 – take it lightly

  1. Thanks Marrie! I agree… a Part 2 does seem called for.
    And I took care of that closing parenthesis :)

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